Sneha Shares Heartwarming Video For Her Son’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Vihaan!

Sneha doesn’t need any introduction in Tamil film industry. One of most popular actors of her time. She is now doing supporting roles in movies and participates as Judge in reality TV shows. She got married to actor Prasanna. They have a son and a daughter together.

The couple met on the set of ‘Achchamundu! Achchamundu!’ and fell in love while working on the film. They married in 2012 and are now the proud parents of two children. Sneha began her fitness journey after giving birth to her second child in January of 2021. She has been caring for children while also working out at the gym on the side.

Sneha created a video on Instagram by combining all of Vihaan’s adorable photos. The caption says, ” My laddu.. No words to describe how much I love you. You are a joy of my heart, treasure of my soul. My sunshine, you bring so much happiness. I thank God every day for giving you to me and making my life so meaningful. Wishing you a very Happy birthday kanna. You know how much amma loves you❤️❤️❤️”


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Meanwhile, Prasanna also shared a video compiling all the lovely photos of his son. He captioned it as, ” Happy birthday Pattappa! You are such a blessing! You made our lives vibrant with your love, your smile and your innocence! As your name VIHAAN means “dawn”, You have lightened up everyday. For all that beauty you have brought into our lives, all I can give you is more n more love. I will be your pedestal to raise and conquer the world! Love u da Thangamagane❤️”.


Under the couple’s Instagram post, fans and friends wished the baby boy a happy birthday.

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