Slaying Stereotype: Rana Daggubati Defending South Films Is The Best Thing You Will Read Today!

Rajinikanth is making films in all languages!

In a recent interview with ScoopWhoop, Rana Daggubati seems to winning hearts with his witty answers. One such was when he broke the notions of south cinemas being different or low key. The journalist asked him what difference he finds in working with film Industries across India. He cuts off the journalists before she finishes her question with his stereotype-breaking reply. “I’m just amazed of how dumb Indians are about the other states.” He said. He further explained that all industries are same, they are film industry

“Ultimately it is a camera, it is a story, it is a bunch of actors. You put it here, it is the same format, right? I could speak in Telugu, it becomes a Telugu film. If we speak in English, it becomes an English film. And that’s exactly what happens. Correct? Everywhere in the world. But we in our heads have made this is an industry, that is an industry. This is a Telugu industry. What does it make? Films. This is a Tamil industry. What does it make? Films. How different is it? And the guys who are crossing over are completely crossing over. Rajinikanth is making films in all languages. They are dubbing in all languages. Avengers is dubbed in all languages. Which means it’s clear that there are actually no boundaries unless you make them.” he explained.

He further says the journalist that the only difference he finds is that the South Films are more cost-effective. “Bahubali took around 400 crores to make in Telegu. If it was in Bombay it would have taken about 600.” he said.

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