Veteran Actor Sivakumar Apologises To Fan!

Sivakumar has since apologised but the memes continue.

Actor Sivakumar has been the talk of the town ever since a video of him slapping a fan’s phone down surfaced, with netizens questioning his temper.

The video that has been doing the rounds shows the veteran actor walking towards the ribbon to cut it at an event with many people around him. While the media clicks pictures of him, there’s a fan who tries to take a selfie of the actor without his permission. Watching the young man trying to take a selfie, Sivakumar slaps the man’s phone and proceeds for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The actor has since apologised via a video, stating that it was an impulsive reaction. Here’s what he had to say:

“Taking selfies is something that involves the own interests as it might be something to relish with memories across your vacations and celebratory moments. I have no allegations or claims to make upon one’s personal interests. But when it comes to treating a socialite or a celebrity, it shouldn’t be the same there, where they deserve their privacies and respect too [sic]. It happened that from the moment I stepped out of the car and walked into the venue that was occupied with 200-300 people, I felt little disappointed to see around 20-25 people clicking selfies by pushing the volunteers and guards who accompanied me there [sic].”

“Eager fans in a huge crowd tend to get excited like this. A popular actor has to bear with it. For all those who thought my actions were indeed wrong, I express my deepest regret. My heartfelt apologies to everyone, I am very sorry,” he adds.

The actor has, meanwhile, become the centre of all meme-makers’ attention. Several memes infused with dialogues from various Tamil films have surfaced, making netizens make light of the whole situation.

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