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Singer Chinmayi’s Act Of Humanity Is Winning Hearts; Read ON!

Singer Chinmayi has always come under heavy attack for using her voice. The singer just cannot bear to be the audience while watching the world burn.

In light of the situation faced by daily wage workers due to the lockdown, Singer Chinmayi has started an initiative called music for charity. The singer said she was inspired to do this as many fans would ask her to imitate Jessie’s voice from the movie Vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa. So, she figured that she’d do what the fans desire for a good cause.

The singer has been recording and sending song requests sent by fans to help raise funds  for daily wage labourers and their families. The singer is maintaining an excel sheet to ensure that the money goes to the right place and reaches the right people.




The most requested song for fans is the hit number Kannathil Muthamittal and Priyathama Priyathama from the Telugu film Majili.

Chinmayi is also part of an upcoming virtual concert. She feels that if the concert is done successfully then it would open up a range of opportunities for various people in the industry and would help in saving time that gives into travelling. The singer still believes that something’s are more organic when people meet and exchanges happen that way. She also feels that this would be the new norm at least until a vaccine is formed.
One to never shy away from expressing her opinions, the singer has come under attack many times  for expressing her views. She has always come under attack by fans of various celebrities for expressing her thoughts on social media. The singer wishes that cyber crime units would pick on the abusive content and accounts and reprimand them with legal punishment.

The singer says that she has a voice which is why she can’t be a bystander when people are being abused or abusive. She expressed that the people in her close circle often worry about her.

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