Simbu Did Not Even Cry For His Breakup But He Cried For This: Bigg Boss Fame Mahat REVEALS That One Thing That Broke STR’s Heart!

How touching!

Mahat Raghavendra debuted in Tamil with the film Mankatha in a supporting role. He then went on to do films like Jilla with actor Vijay, a couple of films like AAA and Vandha Rajava Dhan Varuven alongside actor Simbu. In fact, it was Simbu who introduced Mahat into the film industry.

“Simbu and I were childhood friends. I used to accompany him to shoots. I also watched him edit and compose music. I was drawn to it and was inspired by him. Soon I began taking acting and dance classes. Eventually, I began looking for acting opportunities. Simbu had cast me in a friend role in Vallavan. I was again looking for opportunities,” said Mahat.

Mahat further talked about the one thing that has made Simbu cry. Simbu has been trolled for voicing his opinions and also for his choice in relationships. Earlier in 2018 when there were severe protests in Tamil Nadu with regards to the Kavery issue, Simbu had voiced his opinion stating that the two states must befriend each other and that is the only solution to bring this water dispute to an end. This did not go down well with the protesters and they trolled and abused the actor.

Mahat revealed, “We all know that a lot of people cry when they go through a breakup. But, Simbu didn’t. During the Kaveri protest, a lot of people trolled him for the video message he put up. That day, he cried a lot. He became emotional because his speech was right from his heart. He was heartbroken to know that people didn’t take it in the right way. Despite the trolling, people of Karnataka shared water and I think that is the success of this video.”

On the professional front, the actor has Kettavan nu Per Edutha Nallavan Da and Ivan Dhan Uthaman alongside Yaashikaa Aanand.

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