Shruti Haasan Opens Up About Her Break-Up With Michael Corsale!

It was her ex-beau Michael Corsale who announced his breakup with the actress on social media!

It was few years ago that Shruti made her relationship open and out to the public that Shruti Haasan dated Michael Corsale. The couple shared a lot of pictures on social media including the one where the two are holding hands. It has also been confirmed that Shruti has gotten an approval from both Sarika and Kamal for her wedding. She also introduced him to all her friends and relatives at a wedding event in Chennai too.

However, everything didn’t seem good in the hood. Michael is someone who is always supportive of Shruti especially on social media – he is always putting up posts on all of her gigs. Her recent gig has been the talk of the town but Michael did not have any update on the same. On the other hand, Shruti had a lot to say, “Begin again a new phase, thankful and blessed, for all the love lessons and light.the brightest light shines deep inside the darkest of places. More music more movies and more me – can’t wait. Being with myself has and always will be my greatest love story.”

She later on deleted the picture and the caption that went along with it.

Confirming that they have actually parted ways, her now ex-boyfriend Michael Corsale confirmed on social media that they have actually parted ways. He tweeted, “Life has just kept us on opposite sides of the globe unfortunately and so we have to walk solo paths it seems. This young lady will always be my best mate. So, grateful to always have her as a friend. Luv ya gal.”

But Shruti Haasan neither acknowledged the post nor did she deny it. However, in a recent interview, here’s what she said, “I’m very much single.” The stunning actress is now focused on her professional life more than ever before.

She further added to Pinkvilla, “I’m the happiest I’ve been. You know a lot of people, like when I had decided to take a break, to honestly speak about, were thinking that why is she doing this but I made the best decision, I think. I prioritize my happiness first. Its like smelling perfumes. If you smell too many of them and if you don’t take a break, you won’t know what smells like what. Life is like that it keeps going on until you don’t step away and take a minute to breathe….you can’t decide how you want to go about with all things.”

On the professional front, Shruti Haasan is currently shooting for her next film titled ‘Laabham’ alongside Vijay Sethupathi.


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