Shruti Haasan Answers Silly Questions From Fans; Reveals Her School Crush, YouTube Plans & More!

One fan asked, Are you an verjain?

Shruti Haasan, the popular actor is back in the film industry after short hiatus, with the back-to-back successes of the recently released Telugu films, Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya. The actress, who was staying away from the film industry for over a year, however, has always been highly active on social media. Especially, Shruti Haasan has always kept her fans entertained with her Instagram handle, with some unique, original, and cool updates. Similarly, Shruti had a ‘silly’ chat with her Insta followers, recently. 

Recently, Shruti Haasan kickstarted a special Q&A session for her fans and followers on her Instagram handle and wrote: “Ask me something silly. Please only silly.” The Salaar actress’s fans immediately bombarded her with some really silly yet fun questions, and she replied to most of them sportingly.

Interestingly, a diehard fan of Shruti asked her “I want to date you. Is it possible?” However, she replied back with a straight No. 

She also revealed that she may start blogging on her YouTube channel and asked her fans to give her ideas. 

The questions progressed to someone asking Shruti if she was a ‘verjain’ for which she sassily asked them to learn to spell and then ask her questions. 

She also revealed that her childhood crush for the longest time has been the legendary Bruce Lee.

Her boyfriend Shantanu soon joined her q&a and attempted to talk Tamil, though he struggled with calling Shruthi ‘alazghi’, let’s say he is catching on.

The two spoke about their cat Clara, and places that they were from. When someone asked Shruthi if they could marry she replied ‘no because’ and pointed at Shantanu.We also love how Shruti loudly calls Shantannu as ‘Shanukooo’. She also posted a cute unseen picture with her beau Saaantanu.

During her Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked Shruti Haasan to choose her favourite drink from whiskey, beer, cocktail, and vodka. However, the Salaar actress made it clear that she doesn’t consume alcohol. “I live a sober life. I’ve been sober for 6 years now. So I don’t touch alcohol and none of these are my favorites. I drink non-alcoholic beer sometimes,” she explained. 

The popular actress, who is set to be active in the industry once again with some promising projects, is teaming up with Telugu superstar Prabhas for the first time in her career, in the upcoming project Salaar. The project, which is helmed by KGF fame director Prashanth Neel, is currently in the final stages of its production.


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