Shraddha Srinath’s Guilt For Leaving COVID Requests Unattended Is The Status Of Many Volunteers Today; Here’s Her Story!

The volunteers are doing everything they can!

Working on the Covid 19 crisis can take a toll on Mental health of the volunteers, Shraddha Srinath on twitter felt bad for a setback on volunteering.

The overwhelming crisis of Covid 19 has not only affected people who have contracted the virus, but the people who are trying to help out the victims. We have people volunteering, be it in providing food, medical resources (beds, oxygen concentrators, ventilators) and other essential needs during these trying times. Engaging themselves hours and hours in searching beds and ventilators and seeing people gasping for breath and dying is a nightmare for these volunteers.

They do need a break, a day-off where they can just switch off their gadgets and spend some quality time for themselves. But what stops them from taking a break, it’s the guilt. Guilt of not helping people, unattended calls and texts doesn’t allow them to sleep and a fear of setback.

Celebrities are already in lending their hands to the Covid 19 victims, Shraddha Srinath, she’s seen constantly re-tweeting people’s requests and helping them find resources. Yesterday, she took it on twitter to express her current state of mind after taking a day-off from volunteering.

I took a day’s break from amplifying requests on Twitter and the next day I came back and saw many unread notifications and all the requests I did nothing about and then I went into this deep downward spiral of some not very nice feelings. One day break snowballed into many days,” Shraddha wrote.

After this, her followers started pouring in lots of love and power messages and thanked her for what she is doing. There’s been a constant struggle for people and celebrities who volunteer, their mental and physical health is at risk. It’s okay to not feel guilty, it’s okay to take a break.

Come back strong and efficient!

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