Shraddha Srinath Trolled Massively For Showing Off Armpit; Actress’ Response Is Killer!

She is so badass!

Being a celebrity has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While one enjoys popularity and stardom, sometimes it can also intrude their personal space. This puts them in a position where each word they say and everything they do becomes a matter of public discussion, and with the recent improvement in social media, these discussions which stayed in the gossip columns have now come to them directly in the form of comments and retweets. Though technology seems to grow, the minds of certain people just seem to narrow down day by day.

Today is Shraddha Srinath’s day and it began with her armpits. Can you believe it? Armpits. Shraddha Srinath was slut-shamed for showing her armpits. Because they weren’t perfect? Because she flaunted her armpits? What was really the problem here?

But, we totally loved Shraddha Srinath’s powerful response and sarcasm to all those who trolled her for her “armpit”. She put a picture of her showing her armpit and captioned it, “Post dedicated to all my underarm fan/s. K13 releases on 3rd May.”



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Post dedicated to all my underarm fan/s. K13 releases on 3rd May.

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But, the comments wouldn’t stop. They just got worse:

Looks like there is no way to stop this. Nobody is hairless and there is nothing called flawless. IT IS A MYTH. Men have hair and so do women, but why is women having hair a shocker? What do men think? We are hairless by nature? Second of all, Shraddha’s response was a sarcasm to all the trolls she previously received to the song and the pictures.

This is so unfair in so many ways and women have to literally justify this. Such a sad, hypocritical world we live in!

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