Shraddha Srinath Talks About Her Make-Out Scene With Madhavan And This Is Every Girl’s DREAM!

He is the best!

She found her passion in acting after a brief stint as a lawyer. She sashayed into the tinsel world, taken with the film industry and earned herself a place with her debut film, ‘U-Turn’ in Kannada. Shraddha Srinath has given some remarkable performances in Malayalam and Tamil films too. And she shares with us her climb up the precarious ladder.

Soon after law school, Sharaddha began to work in a firm as a real estate lawyer. It did not take her long to realize that negotiating with clients and reading real estate agreements was not her cup of tea. She quit her job and began auditioning for roles, thus embarking on the journey of her life. Shraddha started out with commercials and in the year 2015, this upcoming starlet got her break. And what a U-turn it has been since!

 “As a person, he is so full of knowledge, he is very kind and he is a no-nonsense kind of guy. You can spend hours with him talking about various things, he‘d make you laugh, he will tell you stories from his life.”

Two big names and versatility at its best, we longed to hear stories from working alongside Maddy and Vijay Sethupathy. “I barely met Vijay. I had two days of shoot, two scenes, and in one, I hardly spoke and in the other scene, I just had to be present. Vijay is extraordinary as an actor, a natural. He inspires you to organically emote; there is no acting, so the reaction seems credible and the scene looks good. With Maddy, I had a great time. I do not too many films in my profile, but by far he is my favourite co-actor. Nobody could have pulled off the role of Vikram the way he did. As a person, he is so knowledgeable, kind and a no-nonsense kind of guy. You could spend hours with him talking about any given subject, he would make you laugh, and tell you stories from his life. I credit my performance in the film to Maddy. Of course to the directors Pushkar and Gayatri too, but more to Maddy because of the comfort and the chemistry we shared.” she tells us in all humility..


 “It was Maddy’s trick: he said, “Be mechanical about it, but make it look natural.”

The song “Yaanji” was an instant hit and a hot sequence. We ask this sultry actress how she prepared for this scene. “When I signed up for the film, I did not know that the song would turn out this way. I was told that there would be a song and that would be the only romantic relief. So I did not know what the song was going to feature, so to speak. Later, I was told that the story of how Priya and Vikram met, to the present day, would be told in the song.  I am someone who would feel very uncomfortable easily and the last thing that Maddy and I or even the directors wanted was to make the scene look awkward. So it was Maddy’s trick: he said, “Be mechanical about it but make it look natural. I don’t know how he did it. There would be instances, where I would have to look him in the eye and I couldn’t hold my gaze for too long, because it’s Maddy,(blushes and laughs), and my heart is pounding. So I would look at his eyebrow, I would look at his forehead … and what do you know! It looked very romantic. The scene where my character kisses him abundantly, I just followed his trick: the forehead first, then the cheeks and then move on to the chest; I’m doing it very passionately but in my head, I was counting and was ticking off from the checklist! It was all mathematical.  Would not call this preparation per se, I just braced myself to make it a good scene. And of course, it helped that Maddy is so good looking!”




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