Shocking: Survivor Contestant Lady Kash reveals the injustices of the show! Read the full story!

Looks like things are to shake up!

Reality shows have always been a huge hit and when it has a knack for entertainment it surely has been welcomed with open hands by our people. One such show which sets its benchmark and is enjoyed by millions is Bigg Boss. When Bigg Boss was making its rounds year after year, Survivor made its entry and began with a bang. Although, it started as an underdog, this reality show gained high traction in a short period.


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Survivor is a new Tamil language reality T.V. show which is adapted from the American television series Survivor which is running for over 20 years now. The Tamil version is following the same concept where the participants have to inhabit the deep forests of Amazon in Tanzania, Africa and compete against one another to win the grand cash prize of Rs.1Cr. Also, the participants are being given certain difficult tasks to gain their basic survival needs. The contestants are currently performing group tasks divided into 2 tribes but will have to perform certain individual tasks in the upcoming episodes.

This new show is being telecasted on Zee Tamil with its pilot episode launched on 12th September 2021 and is being broadcasted every day from 9:30-10:30 pm. The show has gained much traction for its concept and collective faces being associated with the program. It marking the debut entry of Arjun Sarja – Tamil actor as a host in a small screen reality TV show who is known for his extreme fitness and action sequences in movies along with 16 contestants and 2 new wild-card entries. There have already been 3 eliminations making the total count of contestants down to 15.

Now, this show has made headlines yet again all for the wrong reasons. It is speculated that one of the most loved and well-performing contestants and songwriter, rapper Lady Kash has been forced to quit the show. The rapper posted a video on Youtube via her record label AKASHIK channel revealing the injustices that happened to her during the show from Zanzibar.

In the video, she said, “The show is going to end in 8 days. It is a fact that I haven’t been eliminated and neither did I quit. But a bigger situation than both of these has conspired. Because of which I have been made to quit the game unfairly. This has hurt me deeply. I am feeling very disappointed and let down by the organizers of the show. It is a fact that I don’t like giving interviews much. I have given only a few. But when it comes to speaking about things that matter I won’t back down. I will step forward and speak boldly. The power of people is with me and I have faith in that. There is justice on my side. Hene, I strongly believe no harm will come to me. A lot happens in our industry. Many of them are bad. Anyone readily speaks up when it’s publicity and good image. But in most cases due to the worries of fear and backlash many women and men don’t speak up where it’s needed. We are not one of them. I stand firm as I have done no wrong. Hence, I will talk about this with you. I won’t be doing right by my conscience if I don’t. And when these kinds of things happen as women who have fought hard to rise in this industry, it will be wrong to remain silent. Either through a video or a letter or via my team AKASHIK Pte. Ltd’s official pages or my official page I will convey the truths. Await it. Do read/hear and understand what I have t share, with an open heart. You can write to me or my team. I will be coming to Chennai from here. I will be looking forward to your love and affection as always. Keep me in your prayers as I am not feeling well. But I have to convey this message. Today is September 28. Most importantly, whatever happens, this unfair circumstance should be registered.

Stand by me. I pray for your support. My team and I will ensure that those who have wronged me will face the deserving consequences and repercussions for their actions. I am confident we will emerge victoriously.” She then sings a few lines and ends her video message with, “One love. Justice and truth will always prevail!”.



Then, as promised in the video she and her team pinned a comment under the same video on Youtube which gave us further insights into what happened and how she made her forced exit from the show. She said, “3 unwell participants, had tested positive to what was suspected to be Covid, on 24 September 2021 in Tanzania. Even though a number of us were unwell for a week or more, it had not occurred to the organizers to take a Covid test since they were complacent about the fact that Zanzibar has zero cases, The test took place only after the request of our host.”

The statement also said that she tested negative but had all symptoms of Covid and was extremely ill. But wasn’t allowed to rest and recoup like the three affected contestants. She was not given the same option to resume the game after recovering but was rather given an ultimatum of choosing between the game and her health. And hence, keeping her stature of health, she was forced to leave the game. Although there haven’t been any official statements from the television or the organizers of the game show, this video is creating a huge buzz and has gone viral on the Internet.

Giving all hope and prayers to her and other contestants for their good health and prosperity!


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