Sex Scenes Were Necessary: Andrea Jeremiah!

Andrea is very versatile!

Andrea has it all. A string of hits, a kitty of good scripts, the looks, the fitness regime to complement it, adventurous travel escapades, a closet of shoes, the ability to call all the shots and a don’t-care attitude for haters. In an exclusive interview with JFW, the actress shares how she made it to the sweet spot of cinema and the bright future ahead.

Andrea Jeremiah is a force to reckon with. She is fierce when she needs to be and childlike when it comes to the finer things in life. Her happiness is only reflected by the fact that her jam packed schedule is filled with things she loves to do including working with the best, concerts where she lets go and travelling to remote parts of the world. Getting to the top rung of the ladder, however, was not easy. Having scratched and climbed her way through, Andrea basks on her deserved success with panache and sets an example for all contemporaries to follow.

The horror-drama film Aval saw actor Siddharth and Andrea play a married couple. The resonating cheers and gasps from the audience happened not only during jump scares but also during intimate scenes as well. Andrea says it is nothing to shy from. “Let’s face facts. The audiences know what porn consists of. They watch Hollywood movies with sex simulation scenes as well. This whole attitude of ‘Holier than thou’ is unnecessary. When you are a part of a film wherein art imitates life and you want to show a married couple completely in love with each other, how do you do that without showing intimacy? When Siddharth explained this to me, it made sense. It was important to show the intimacy in the first half so that the growing distance between them in the second would be clear. During the take on the sets there is nothing romantic about it. One is only concerned who it translates on screen and whether you look good!


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