Sangeetha Threw Me Out Of The House, Claims Her Mother; Actress Responds!

Family drama, much?

Sangeetha Krish was once upon a time critically acclaimed for her brilliant performance in Bala’s “Pithamagan’ and the movie by itself won multiple awards. She would do small and big roles once in a while, she also hosted Arya’s “Enga Veetu Maappillai” on Colors Tamil. As the actress is set to make a comeback with Vijay Antony, Ramya Nambeesan starrer ‘Tamilarasan’, she was dragged into a controversy by her own mother. In a recent, the actress’ mother claimed that Sangeetha threw her out of the house especially during times of old age when she is physically weak.

Ending speculations, Sangeetha spoke out about the issue. She stated, “To all my well wishers.. Thank u for always being there for me. And to all film lovers, IT IS NOT EASY TO BE AN ACTOR.  She has written a sarcastic note to her mother that reads “Dearest Mom, Thank you for bringing me to this world. Thank you for pulling me out of school & making me work from the age of 13.Thank you for making me sign in all blank cheques.Thank you for exploiting me for the comfort of your Alcoholic & drug addict sons who never went to work their entire life.Thank you for cornering me inside our own house for not budging to your decisions. Thank you for not getting me married until I fought my way out.Thank you for constantly disturbing my husband & thereby spoiling my family Peace.Thank you for teaching me how a mother should not be. And finally Thank you for all the false allegations & these latest accusations ,because knowingly or unknowingly you’ve only made me evolve from a dumb kid to a fighter & now to a very mature, strong & a bold woman.. will always LOVE YOU FOR THIS and One day you will step out of your EGO & definitely FEEL PROUD OF ME.”

We hope all’s well between the mother and the daughter.

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