Sanam Shetty Has Cheated On Me: From Press Meets To Interviews, Here’s How Tharshan Responded To The Latter’s Allegations Against Him!

This seems to be never-ending!

Sanam Shetty had openly revealed and had confirmed her relationship on social media ever since Tharshan became a part of the Bigg Boss house. Sanam’s statement against Sherin during an interview with the Times of India became sensational and both Tharshan and Sherin’s fans did not seem to take it well either. But, she added that she stands by her opinion.

Controversies apart, Sanam Shetty has always been seen being very supportive of Tharshan and has been very protective of him on social media. The model had been seen around with him a lot lately and is getting to spend a lot of time with him too. Recently, rumours were rife that the couple had parted ways but there were no confirmations from either of them.

Sanam Shetty then shocked everyone when she went ahead and lodged a police complaint against Tharshan Thiyagarajan for allegedly harassing her mentally and physically. She further stated that the couple was engaged much before Tharshan went on to become a part of the reality show. Talking to the media outside the station, Sanam Shetty said that Tharshan treated her rudely after he returned from the show.

“I got engaged to Tharshan before the show started. At that time, he’d asked me not to talk about it, and I complied. We had made plans to get married in June. But he started behaving indifferently after the show. He avoided me, humiliated me, and I was harassed mentally and physically. I was also threatened by his family. They said they know how to silence me if I talk about the engagement, the harassment, et al,” she tells TOI.

Sanam further added, “For a few months, I tried convincing him, but he refused to even acknowledge my presence. He never treated me like a girlfriend; in fact, I’m his fiancée. With no options left, I have now filed a complaint at the office of the Commissioner of Police. I will be filing the same with the Women’s Commission, too.”

Then, at a recent press conference and at various interviews, Tharshan stated that Sanam is blatantly lying to steal the limelight.

Speaking to the media, he said that it was true that he and Sanam were engaged. This was known only to her parents, Tharshan said and added that he did not want his parents to know as it might affect his sister’s wedding.

”She had helped me a lot. She even gave me Rs three lakh which I repaid her after my Bigg Boss stint. When I came out of Bigg Boss house, she was with another guy. I cannot reveal who it is. After this how can I live with her?” he said.

He further said he has proof for all his charges and will submit them if the Commissioner enquires him. ”I am not going to press any charges against her,” he said. He further stated during a video interview that Sanam cheated on him. “My friends from Bigg Boss season two Ramya and Sathya witnessed her getting cozy and intimate with her ex-boyfriend during their wedding. At that time, I was in the Bigg Boss House and was informed about the same when I came out,” he added.

“It was Sanam who insisted that we shouldn’t open up about our relationship as it would affect our careers. But, now that I denied her offer of joining as the leading lady in one of my films, she is trying to snatch the limelight from me and I find it absolutely disappointing,” added Tharshan.

Well, who do you think is speaking the truth?

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