Sameera Reddy’s Take On Body Positivity Is A MUST-READ!

How well put!

Sameera Reddy has always been vocal about speaking against body shaming and is being a powerful voice for body size discrimination, fat shaming and discrimination. She is never the one to shy away and is an inspiration many women to love and embrace themselves. Motherhood is truly a beautiful and amazing experience but definitely one of the most difficult processes that women go through. A pure and beautiful process of creation is being derogated these days and we are only appalled to see all the abuses and shames a woman has to face for just even existing these days.

Among several other trends existing on social media, Sameera took the latest one and has given it a beautiful body-positive twist. Adding the post, she wrote, “From Padded bras, coloured contact lenses, airbrushed, enhanced perfect pictures 👉🏼To today’s pure freedom to be myself. No judgement . No pressure . Just me❤️ #transformation#redefined#messymama#imperfectlyperfect#throwback#keepingitreal ✨.”


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Young mommy celebrities like Amy Jackson and Sameera Reddy embraced their pregnancy in their own beautiful way. They share their experiences, tips and more with their fellow women on social media who are in dire need of some help and talking. Young mothers these days are helping one another to help themselves and their children. This way they are creating a healthy community for their children to be brought up in. Kudos to them.

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