Samantha Reacts To Rumors Of Getting Financial Help For Her Myositis Treatment!

I was not paid in marbles!

Samantha recently reacted to the rumor of taking financial help of Rs.25 crore for her Myositis treatment. She took to her Instagram stories and clarified saying she didn’t take any financial help from anyone and she can take care of herself.

Recently reports of Samantha taking financial help from Telugu superstar to treat her Myositis have been going around. But the name of the star was not revealed. Samantha clarified the issues by saying, ” 25 crores to treat Myositis!? Someone got you a pretty bad deal. I am glad I am only spending the smallest fraction of that. And, I don’t think I was paid in marbles for all the work I’ve done in my career. So, I can easily take care of myself. Thank you. Myosotis is a condition thousands suffer from. Let’s please be responsible with the information we put on regarding the treatment “.


On work front and Break

Samantha is currently on a break from acting. She took the 6 month break to focus on her health. It is reported that she’ll be undergoing treatment in the U.S.Despite her break from the industry, fans are eagerly waiting for her movie Kushi with Vijay Devarakonda. It is directed by Shiva Narayana, and movie is expected to be released on September 1. As Samantha takes her time to heal, her fans are constantly showering her love on social media.

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