Saluting The Superheroes: How The Bigg Boss Tamil Launch Won Hearts With Tributes To Those That Saved Lives And Emotions During The Pandemic!

A thoughtful motive!

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 launched yesterday and the audience have finally gotten their list of contestants for this season. In the beginning, the television showed several precautionary measures that was taken to make sure safety is prioritized.  Then the audience favourite host Kamal Haasan walked into the house showing us all the brand new quirky decor and also walked the audience through all the safety and environmental friendly precautions the show would be taking up as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

But what really won hearts was the tribute paid to the front line workers that saved thousands of lives during this harsh lock-down. While some warriors lost lives fighting, some continue to do the good deed. First he spoke to the wife of Mr. Balamurali who was the Inspector stationed at the West Mambalam Police Station. The brave Police officer lost his life during the intense lockdown to COVID. He breathed his lat breath creating a void in his family.

The next was a doctor, a frontline worker from the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital who talked about meeting different personalities in the form of COVID patients and all the battles she fought throughout and still continues to fight.

The final one was an equally heartwarming story of Khalid Ahmed, a volunteer who helped the public to cremate coronavirus infected patients. They also arranged ambulances to transport bodies of Covid-19 patients to their native places free of cost. Kamal Haasan praised them for their tireless efforts and said how they play an important role in these times of despair.

This definitely touched upon the emotional side of the digital audience after which began the introduction of the contestants. Rio Raj, Balaji Krishnan, Adjeedh, comedian Nisha, Shivani Narayanan, Ramya Pandian, Gabriella, Somashekhar, Ari, Jithan Ramesh, Velmurugan, Suresh Chakravarthy, Samyukta Nair among others.

However, the audience reactions to the contestants list was that there are not many known faces and that this might turn out to be another season 2. After watching today’s promo, looks like the drama has already begun!

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