Recalling Bitter Experiences: Actress Shraddha Srinath OPENS UP About Why She Never Took An Empty Bus; Recalls The Nirbhaya Incident!

The fear still remains!

Actress Shraddha Srinath starred in the film Nerkonda Parvai the Kollywood remake of Taapsee Pannu’s PINK. The idea of concept was well portrayed in the film and was passed across to the audience effectively. Shraddha Srinath in her recent social media post after she watched a series on the Nirbhaya Rape case. Here’s what she had to say:

“During law school, I’d travel by buses, I hated crowded buses, mainly because I’d feel unsafe and… I don’t know I can’t find the word for it… it felt like war inside a crowded bus. I mean, taking buses helped greatly in character building and gave me some real humbling life lessons but I HATED crowded buses. Now everyday, morning and noon, I’d wait at the bus stop. I’d skip crowded buses. I’ll take the next one”, I’d think, and wait for the next one. The next one would come, but it too was crowded and I’d skip it. But I had to get to college/get home, and I couldn’t wait forever. AN then intermittently, these brightly coloured private buses would come, You know, the ones with a big baby/prayer hands/tiger/god photos painted at the back. And they were empty. Like faaaaaar emptier than the BMTC buses. But something about them seemed off. So I’d look away and wait some more. And then I’d eventually get on the next bursting on the seams BMTC bus,” the actress says.

She adds, “Today I’m just glad I never got on those private buses and waited for my good old trusty, but crowded BMTC. Oh wait, another reason I didn’t take the private bus was because my BMTC pass wouldn’t work on it and I had to pay from my pocket. Pocket money was real tortue in college guys. Real torture. Cheers to be financially independent.”

Well, the fear remains and we have no solution to it as yet and it is only scarier!

On the professional front, Shraddha Srinath has Vishal’s Chakra and Madhanvan starrer Maara in Tamil.

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