Real Life Wonder Women: 5 Children Write Heartwarming Open Letters To Their Moms This Mother’s Day; READ ON!

How beautiful are these letters!

By Megavarshini

s day is back and this year our supermoms deserve more, we all are sitting at home happily binge watching series and demanding munchies. She is the one who is running errands, washing and cleaning our stuff and feeding us nutritious home cooked food. She does all the precautions to keep us safe in this pandemic, undoubtedly she is our guardian angel. Hope we all give our supermoms a day off and pamper her at least today.

Here are five open letters of gratitude to real life superheroes from their happy kids, these letters will definitely help you find solace in these difficult times. It is full of love and happiness:

Megavarshini, Student


Dear Amma,

I’ve been the most notorious and troublesome kid of yours. It’s been solid nineteen years and I’ve never wished or thanked you on Mother’s day. I kind of feel shy and uncomfortable, you know me amma. You’ve been there for me, in my tears, failures, laughter and joy. Thanks amma!

Being a mom is never easy and a working mom is really challenging, you’ve been tirelessly doing this for almost nineteen years. You cook us food, do us laundry and housekeeping and support the house financially. I still wonder how you never complain. Thanks amma!

Thank you for giving me the best life any daughter could ask for. You are my therapist, teacher, friend, personal stylist, cook, advice giver and constant supporter. You’ve pushed me to bring out the best version of myself and now I’m living my life hale, healthy and confident only because of you. Thanks amma!

I’ve felt jealous of people who do reels with their moms and post stories. But yeah! Each bond is different and beautiful in its own way. And ours is my most favourite. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you amma, I love you. Happy Mother’s day!            


Somasundaram, Professor.




I’m fifty-four and yet if I feel low and anxious, the first person I call is you. For me you are always young, happening and beautiful. The care and affection you’ve shown all these years is unimaginable, how did you manage with five kids? I already struggling with two. Amma, sometimes I feel that you deserve more love and happiness, I’m sorry for disappointing you at times.

I still remember the days when I was bedridden and you were the one who took care of me like baby. Even now, when I tested positive for Covid 19 you were my strength. At seventy, you stood strong when I broke down mentally and emotionally. I admire your power and stability amma.

I promise that I will be with you till my last breath and you will always be a major part in my life however old I become or young you become. I’ve never said this to you in my life, I love you. Happy Mother’s day amma!


Manjari, Student



To my hero,

While stories of courage and resolve adorn the columns of newspapers and magazines during this pandemic, Amma, you, a middle-class working wife that has to deal with three children, is not a stereotypical archetype of a lead in a rags to riches story. You are as real and humane as it can get. You have always been a sensible and supportive mother that trusts your children to be their own people.

This pandemic, thankfully, did not drastically alter our lives and we have been privileged enough to be able to sustain ourselves. Our major conundrums during these difficult times, have purely been mental. Bouts of anxiety and worry have invaded our minds during sleepless nights. The sheer pressure of completing assignments and presentations in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that doesn’t seem to be ending was too much to handle.

When I decided to confront the fear of failure and inability to progress, I found myself going to you Amma, my source of strength. The things you said still resonates with me and that was the moment I realised that you will forever be my hero just for being that, my Amma. You said that, to you, my mental health is far more important than anything else, even grades and that you only wanted me to be happy as can be. That was when I realised just how unconditional the love you have for me is. You are my hero because you have been the embodiment of strength and honesty in your daily life. No words of gratitude could suffice just how grateful I am to have you, who trusts, loves and gives unconditionally. Happy Mother’s day Amma!


Hari, Designer




From my first meal of the day to the last person I speak with, you has always been a major part of everything. Where the covid – 19 and lockdowns hit every family drastically, you remained the only source of positivity in our family. Making your home a workplace, working hours and hours, solving financial problems, keeping us emotionally strong though you yourself getting hit emotionally, Wow, never seen someone as strong as you.

Not only these, but also making these days better with your childish sense of humour, sharing your experience with problems, which is far more tragic than what I’ve experienced which makes my problems look small, and with a tinch of smile through all tragedies, god you are a lovely woman. Being a lovely woman is not a happy stay. You can take a break, rest yourself as you deserve all the peace in the world, once, for once you can take care of yourself. But the fact you chose family not even giving a thought about you, all these days, years, the selflessness which makes you a true superhuman, asupermom. Happy mother’s day!


Janani Gokul, Mom-to-be



Dear ma,

One thing I miss the most after my marriage is spending time with you mom I miss hogging all your delicious food. Your presence has blossomed myentire life especially in this pandemic situation, I never knew I could be this happy and safe by just being at home with you, you kept me happy and entertaining during such difficult times and just like that you turned into my best friend, soul sister, doctor, binge partner and the best gossip and movie partner I’ll ever have. Spending some quality time with you these months was a blessing. I would definitely cherish those for my entire life.

No one understands me more, no one loves me more and no one inspires me the way you do ma. Though we fight and argue, no matter what I know that you will be always there for me amma. Home is definitely where you are ma. Now as I enter into this new phase of my life I really hope and wish to build a happy little home for this little one that’s about to arrive, like you did for me. I hope I give this little one, the purest form of love. You will be my go-to-person forever and I will always be your baby girl no matter however old I grow. There’s always so much to learn from you ma. I Love you abundantly, Happy Mother’s day!

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