Re. 1 A Meal: This TN Couple Sells The Best Quality Food To 70 Patients Who Cannot Afford!

Beautiful souls!

It only takes a minute to do bad to someone but it takes an entire heart to do good.  In a country like ours, there are thousands of them who cannot afford two meals a day let alone medical care. The government of Tamil Nadu has special aids for underprivileged families. From free medical check ups to food schemes, many are in the process of being implemented. But, until then, the families need to figure out a way to survive in terms of food and shelter.

Venkataraman and his wife run a mess AVM Homely Mess and are also Yoga instructors hailing in Tamil Nadu. A lady once came to purchase a plate of idli but since Venkataraman was out of Idli’s he offered her a plate of Dosa. But, the woman did not have any money to buy a dosa. That is when the mess owner decided to check up on her hospital and the situation of the patients there. Looking at the pitiful conditions of the patients, Venkataraman and his wife decided to help them out. The couple began distributing meals at a range of just Re. 1 to the patients and their attendants. They would distribute meals to around 70 patients on a daily basis.




However, since they run a restaurant, it was hard for them to match the food quantity. They soon managed put a scheme in place. The couple hand out 60-70 tokens to patients once they arrive and this token is valid for a three meal course. The couple spends about 1500 – 2000  on the resources everyday. Apart from that they also provide the patients with blankets, toiletries and footwear to patients who can’t afford any of these in the winter.

Venkataraman and his wife are the reason why people believe in humanity.

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