RCB player Dan Christian’s family abused on social media by angry RCB fans – Read the full story!

Are rape threats and abusive comments on their family, the new go-to attack for the player’s ill game?
Sports fans, not so sportive!

Cricket is one of the most popular and most-watched games in India. With a huge following, the world-famous IPL tournament continued its second half in September this year. With the game reaching its end, the qualifiers of the tournament have sure turned the heads of the Cricket fans with a crucial match yesterday.

The qualifier to the final match was of utmost importance for both the home teams of Bengaluru and Kolkata. The match had RCB fans on the edge of their seats to make it to the finale but in the end, it was KKR who took over the win. Now, KKR will play against DC and the winning team will make their way to the finale against the three-time winner CSK.

During this match, one of the bowlers of RCB – Daniel Christian, an Australian all-rounder gave 22 runs in a single over which mooted the chances of KKR’s win. This let netizens and RCB fans take their anger on the player’s family and wife.

This angry mob of fans flooded the player’s wife’s social media handle’s comment section with fierce and abusive comments and threats. Few comments spoke ill of her relationship with her husband with certain abusive words and language. This showed how immature and illogical it is to take a game this seriously that led to this abusive behavior.


The player even took to his Instagram handle and posted a story that said, “Check out the comments section of my partner’s Instagram post. I didn’t have a great game tonight, but that’s a sport. However please, leave her out of it.”


Not just that but she recived sevral DM’s and messages to her social media accounts that not just spoke ill of her husband but also with rape threats. One such disgusting threat was from a faceless coward slid into her Dm was screenshotted was posted by her as a story with the caption, “Anyone else want to report this guy for Me too? Thanks!”


This kind of abusive behavior is becoming a trend for these lame fans against these sports celebrities. Not long ago, when M.S. Dhoni had a bad game, his little 5 year old faced the repercussions. The comment section of this child’s Instagram handle was filled with rape threats and dirty comments by angry fans and irresponsible online behavior.

With the growth of online and digital media and with its reach to millions, it is of basic responsibility for every user to post sensible and decent content that does not harm anyone. In today’s modern world, the netizens range from ages 5-70, and creating responsible and meaningful, happy content is the need of the hour. With many trying to achieve this, still many take advantage of the anonymity and create hatred and show their true colors using their social media.

These online trolls and hatred have led to several deaths and mental trauma and the celebrities being in the spotlight, they become the clearer targets. More the fame, more the commoners take privilege in appreciating or scolding them. End of the day, despite their profession they have a family and life beyond. Such hazy people need to be taught of the boundaries!

And, why is that despite any cause of the problem, it is the women who suffer or are attacked at? Is it years of patriarchy teachings or rooted misogyny of women being weaker sex that anything done to them, they will be silent or can be silenced? With so many rules protecting our online code of conduct, where is the audacity for these users coming from?

A player’s game may go down for a variety of reasons and their family is not the cause or our final resort of anger! A player’s game is his/her own game and end of the day it is after all a sport that reeks entertainment and nothing more. Going after their family with killing, rape and abusive threats does no one good and just unveils their true color.

With having rape being one of the major concerns for young girls and women, going about giving rape threats and abuses online to a fellow woman, a fellow human is showing the deep intensity and roots of our country’s problem. The problem dates back to patriarchy with no hopeful end of Feminim down the lane.

However, despite such hateful comments and abuses on Dan’s wife’s handle, several other positive says and apologies were being written with loads of love along her way. This sure seems like there alas is a ray of hope in this deceitful incident that happened or has been happening for a while for the ones in the limelight. Only time will tell!

Many players and supporters of the team like, Glenn Maxwell – Australian cricketer also extended their support to the player and family. He said, “Great season by RCB, unfortunately we fell short of where we thought we should be. Doesn’t take away from an amaziing season!! Some of the garbage that has been flowing on social media is absolutely disgusting! We are human beings who are giving our best each and every day. Try being a decent person maybe instead of spreading abuse… Thank you to the REAL fans that shared love and appreciation for the players giving their all! Unfortuanately there is some horrible people out there that make social media a horrible place to be. It is unacceptable!!!! please don’t be like them!!! If you commnet abuse on one of my teammates/friends social media with negative/abusive rubbish, you will be blocked by everyone. What is the point of being a terrbible person? There is no excuse!!!”


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