Rashmika Mandanna Opens up About her Dating Life!

Rashmika Mandanna’s love life is one among the most speculated in Tollywood industry. The young sensation broke her engagement with Rakshit Shetty a famous Kannada actor due to compatibility issue and also for focusing more on her career. Recently reports from IB Times stated that the actress took to Instagram to put a stop to all the speculation that is surrounding her dating life.

“This is for all those who keep putting my name with everyone I know .. I am single.. and I love it.., This is also me telling all those who crib about being single.. trust me when you start having fun being single..your standards for your love keep getting high.”she wrote on her Instagram page according to a report in IB Times.

In her 2019 JFW cover story the actress opened up about what she looks for in her love life. “You can’t exactly describe a guy you need or crave for in words. It’s an emotion. Or I’ve never experienced love at first sight.” she said.

Rashmika is not someone who believes in love at first sight. “He should be a home away from home. You are hustling the whole day, so when you go back you need calm, you don’t need drama. You just want that person to be there and be calm. That is what I crave for. He needs to be my home. Wherever he is, I should feel perfectly safe and respected. He should be my father figure. I’ve never experienced love at first sight,” she lets on.

Post the breakup in 2018, Rashmika had also taken it to social media to talk about her relationship after she was mercilessly trolled by the actor’s fans for her private decisions. She stated, “Sorry I’ve been silent for so long..but I’ve been watching a lot of stories, articles, comments, and trolls about has been disturbing me on how I was being portrayed and everything blew out of proportion and yes I definitely don’t blame you guys for it..because that’s what you’d believe and I am not here to justify anything or anyone..just want to tell you guys that Rakshit, me or anyone in the industry should not go through this. And also need to add that just as how every coin has two sides, so does every story. Please let us who work in our industry, work with a little peace of mind. That’s my two cents, let me conclude by saying I will CONTINUE DOING KANNADA FILMS… I AM HERE TO STAY.. be it any language, any industry, I’ll give my best shot.. thank you.”

On the professional front Rashmika Mandanna is still narrowing down on her Kollywood debut, while it is reported that she is all set to make her debut in Tamil alongside Karthi in Sultaan. Rashmika is yet to announce fresh projects in Tollywood after two hits Sarrileru Neekevvaru and Bheeshma!

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