Rakul Preet Singh announces her new venture. Find out what!

An app based on her struggles!

Star of so many languages, Rakul Preet Singh is a diva that so many know and love. Her fashion statements and admirable charm are assets that she portrays in her colorful social media.


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On Instagram, the actor is quite popular for her fashionable photographs and cute selfies. She recently became one of the most-followed South Indian stars on Instagram as she celebrated hitting 18 million followers on the social media platform. Marking the milestone, she shared a reel of her dancing to Drake’s hit song ‘In The Bible’ and captioned it, “18M Feels”.

Recently, Rakul also launched the app ‘StarringYou’ with her brother Aman Preet Singh. The platform is set to bridge the gap between an artist and his / her dream. It will help aspirants audition from anywhere at any time. It was launched to help aspiring actors, directors, editors, writers, dancers, and choreographers who want to work in films.

Rakul Preet Singh and her brother Aman

She expressed how the app was inspired by her life struggle into entering the mainstream cinema industry. Asked if this app was made during her film debut, how would it have made a difference in her cinematic journey, she said, “Things would have been different if there was an app like this during my debut. Possibly, we didn’t have to stand in queues to audition. We would know what the requirements were. I’ve been to every casting studio, stood in queues, figured out myself. There were two years of completely trying to explore in a new city, which is what drove us to this idea of digitalizing. Well, the world is digitalizing why can we not make it accessible for everyone to access the film industry? And that’s how the whole idea began.”

She added, “Our whole aim is to create a huge database of talent, where all the people who are looking for talented people, in different spheres have access to it. And similarly, all the talented people from different parts of the country, different parts of the world, can access to different requirements of the film industry.”


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The actor also expressed how it would be a gift to newcomers in the industry. Rakul Preet Singh’s brother Aman explained, “Everyone should get a chance to showcase their skillset and it should be shown to the right people who create opportunities. Like any other social media, we will allow the users to make a profile. We have 10 in-house talent hunters who will be posting their requirements  and also will be on the lookout to find the right talent for the job.”

Asked if ‘Starring You’ is limited to Bollywood, Aman Preet shared, “The app caters for all regional film industries and Bollywood, we have tied up with top  regional productions houses as well.”

On the professional front, Rakul is acting alongside Akshay Kumar in Bollywood, in a movie produced by her boyfriend. It’s a remake of ‘Rakshasudu’. She is also doing ‘Doctor G,’ co-starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Shefali Shah. Ajay Devgn’s ‘MayDay’ and John Abraham’s ‘Attack’ in Hindi are her other most important projects in Bollywood.


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