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Rajinikanth Grew His Own Beard For Kabali After 30 Years!

Says, Rajinikanth’s stylist- Anu Vardhan!

Rajinikanth movie releases are a festival for his fans worldover. This time, the festival got bigger since his look for the movie was released. Meanwhile, Anu Vardhan’s phone has been buzzing non-stop. She’s the lady behind the classy grey suit look of Rajini that everybody is going gaga over. By Subashini Suresh

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Anu Vardhan is the girl of the moment. Rajinikath’s Kabali teasers are breaking records on YouTube. Anu has styled the much appreciated look of Rajini in Kabali. We spoke to her about the overwhelming response and how she nailed the ‘Kabali look.’


How did Kabali happen?

The hairstylist for the movie, Bhanu, asked me if I could style Rajini for Kabali and I immediately jumped at the offer. I had a meeting with the director Ranjith and the brief he gave me was that,Rajini will be playing his age in the movie and he wanted him to look really nice on screen. Ranjith was very clear about what he wanted and he is a great person to work with. I was very happy that I could work with Rajini sir and it was a bonus that I could make him look real, as there were no gimmicks involved. I’m very lucky to have got this opportunity.


The Kabali look has been well received, with fans going crazy buying Kabali look merchandise. How do you feel?

To be honest, I did not expect this response. So many people have been calling me to appreciate the look. I called Ranjith, thanked him and told him how happy I was with the way everything has turned out. The film is nothing like what Rajini Sir has done before; it was a new experience for him.


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The Kabali Shades have become a thing now, with immense craze to buy them.  Why did you pick those particular ones?

The shades was a very important element to the look, as Ranjith said he will be wearing it in most parts of the movie. So we tried plenty of shades to nail the look. Finally, I zeroed in on this as it fit the best. I felt this particular one added more depth to the character. I also thought this element made the look complete.


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