Rajinikanth Grew His Own Beard For Kabali After 30 Years!

Says, Rajinikanth’s stylist- Anu Vardhan!


What was Rajinikanth’s reaction when he first wore the suit and shades?

He loved it! He is a very encouraging and motivating person. Whenever he likes a particular costume he is wearing, he tells me how good it is and how much he likes it. He is person who is open to trying anything. When discussinga look, he always says, whatever Ranjith needs, we will do. He is a very supportive person, he told me that I’m good at what I do and that he wanted to see more of my work in the future.


Kabali Image 8 JFW


The last time there was so much craze about the suit look in Billa, in which you styled Ajith. How does it feel to break your own record?

It feels good to break your own record and it pushes me to work much harder. I think men look smarter in the salt and pepper look. It adds so much more character to them. They are confident and comfortable playing their age and I think that is what reflects on screen too.


You have styled Nayanthara in most of her films, how is it working with her?

She is a thorough professional and brilliant at what she does. Nayan puts in a lot of effort on her clothes and look for every movie. I like Nayanthara the best in Billa and recently in Naanum Rowdy Than. I also liked her look in Pudhiya Niyamam.


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What other projects are you working on?

I do one film at a time so I can give my 100 percent. Also, I only do projects that excite me, there has to be something for me in it to work on. I love shaping characters and bringing them alive. Next, I’m working on Thala 57. The look for it hasn’t been decided yet. The director Siva and I are currently working on narrowing down the best one for Ajith.

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