Priya Prakash Varrier does a Terrible Imitation of Sridevi in her new film!

This time it’s for her next film!!

When legendary actress Sridevi died, the whole world mourned. In fact, her life left such an impact on the lives of millions that her death literally shook everybody out of their slumber. That big an impact she was. Soon after she was announced dead, the conspiracy theories around her death and the postmortem was embarrassing to say the least, with various media houses on prime time television creating a literal circus out of her death.

However, once she was laid to rest, many tried to honour. Some on social media, some otherwise. Some even commemorated her body work on walls and murals, while some decided to honour her as a statue. Many also wanted to make a movie on her but that cannot be done without the permission of her family. The question is, would she have wanted a film made on her? Even if she did, how would anyone tell her story without even knowing her so well?

The latest to join the bandwagon of milking opportunities from Sridevi’s death are the makers of Sridevi Bungalow. Granted there’s no iconic Sridevi element in it but there’s no denying that it’s based on the late actress, even if the makers haven’t explicitly said so. The teaser, starring ‘wink girl’ Priya Prakash Varrier, is out and it is embarrassing to say the least. The teaser follows the life on an actress, named Sridevi, who is all by herself, often running around in white for her movies (that was the real Sridevi’s signature look, by the way) and drinking wine by herself while being dressed in exquisite sarees and baubles. But the teaser cuts to when this woman is seen crying in the shower, alluding to late actress Sridevi’s private life.

The last part of the teaser is what makes this whole film a bad idea. The actress is seen immersed in a bathtub with only her legs out, hinting that she has drowned. And the sound of ambulance sirens reverberate outside. The real actress Sridevi died due to drowning in her bathtub and this teaser implies just that, but minus the sensitivity and class.

The teaser is out and many people are not impressed by it.

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