Priya Bhavani Shankar To Enter Bigg Boss 5?


Bigg Boss 5 Tamil has been gaining pace over the past week and the very first eviction of the week took place yesterday. As usual, Kamal Haasan named people who were safe, one by one and on Sunday’s episode revealed the contestant who is being evicted. 

The speculations came true as Nadia Chang was evicted out of the house yesterday. The other contestants bid a difficult farewell as Nadia left the house. After her exit however, a report says that the story she shared in the ‘Oru Kadhai Sollata’ task, about her abusive parents and upbringing, was a lie. 

Nadia had narrated about her past life that she was born and raised in a very economically backward family and had only one room in their house and that she never slept on a mattress until she was 15. She told on camera that her father was an alcoholic and her mother was very strict and used to beat and torture her and her sisters and that she they repeatedly ran away from home to escape.

Now, a video from a Malaysian man, claiming to be her friend has gone viral. The Facebook user said tha Nadia has lied about everything in her past life and her parents. He says that he and the rest of the Malaysian Tamils supported her since she has participated in the ‘Bigg Boss 5’ but questioned her if they all look like insane persons to her. He claimed that Nadia has degraded the entire Malaysian Tamil community by lying about her past. We are still not sure if this video is true or not, as these are not confirmed by any source.

Meanwhile, there is a speculation that Priya Bhavani Shankar may enter the Bigg Boss house soon. The actor, who’s newest movie Oh Mana Penne is releasing soon, will be entering the house, not as a contestant, but to promote her movie through the show. Harish Kalyan, who was a contestant in the very first season, will also be entering the house along with her and might be reminiscing his experience as a contestant in the first season. 

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