Premam, 96, Bangalore Days and More, 9 Movie Remakes Which Turned Out To Be Disastrous!

Sometimes we hear about a great movie in another language and wonder how it will be in our own language. We feel that we will be able to understand it more and will be able to connect with the movies on a better level.

However, remakes hardly meet any expectations. Most of the times, remakes are just huge disappointments. They fail to impress anybody. Here are 6 remakes which should have never been made:


96 is directed by C. Premkumar, starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in lead roles won hearts. The couple’s chemistry was adored nation wide and the movie’s hit led it to be remade in two languages.  96 was remade in Kannada by Preetham Gubbi as 99 (2019), and in Telugu by C. Premkumar as Jaanu (2020). Both turned out to be very disappointing.



Premam (Telugu)

The original Malayalam movie Premam was a huge hit and ran for more than 100 days. In an attempt to remake it, Chandoo Mondeti made the movie in Telugu. The movie received a lot of negative comments. The simplicity and the freshness of the original cast could not be remade in the Telugu version.

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