#prayforNeasamani: Actor Siddharth And Samantha Join The Fun!

#PrayForNaesamani has been trending worldwide since last night!

Vadivelu is a legend and that fact has become undeniable ever since the hashtag #prayfornesamani began trending so much so that international media covered it. It might be overwhelming but it’s all worth it. All thanks to a Pakistani meme page which posted a picture of a hammer and asked what the name of the tool would be their respective countries. That is when one of our very own Vadivelu fans posted a picture of Neasamani getting injured as a hammer falls on his head from Ramesh Kanna’s hand.


That was all it required to trigger the hashtag #pray_for_neasamani. Playing on with the sarcasm, another meme page asked if Neasamani was okay and people and pages from other countries thought that was for real and the rest is history.

The hashtag gained momentum and ultimately became one of the most funfilled hashtags of the decade. Various politicians and celebrities from Tamil Nadu joined the fun and honestly, Twitter has never been more fun. If you’re thinking about joining Twitter, now is the right time before the heat drops.

Here are some of the most epic usage of the hashtag:



Some even made up a fake report of Appollo Hospitals for Nesamani:

Journalists, politicians and celebrities all joined the fun ride with the latest being Samantha Akkineni and Siddharth:


Actor Siddharth was so much into the game that he changed his Twitter handle name to Main Bhi Nesamani (I am Nesamani too):

Cricketor Harbhajan Singh had an impeccable meme for the hashtag too. Taking reference to one of Vadivelu’s comedy scenes, the cricketer tweeted, “Contractor Nesamani loved my loved my yellow turban a lot more. If he had worn this today… tch! Come out stronger Nesa.”


Well, we must admit. Tamil comedy is on top of its game all thanks to contractor Nesamani.

Speaking to The News Minute, the heart of the trend actor Vadivelu said, “What? It has become famous across the world? Oh god. It has gone to America and everywhere? Thank you,” He further added, “Yes, the movie was with Vijay and Suriya.  I have acted in a lot of movies and made the whole world laugh. But I didn’t know about this.”

“This entire trend is a victory given by God, a victory for the movie’s director Siddique and the victory for the people who enjoy my comedy,” Vadivelu tells TNM.

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