Police Confirm VJ Chitra Died By Suicide Not Murder! Husband Caused Her Immense Stress!

After almost a month after the mysterious death of actor and VJ Chitra. Chennai police have now submitted report to madras High Court reporting that the death was confirmed to be suicide and not murder. The motive behind the suicide has however been the immense pressure caused by her husband.  A report submitted by the Nazarathpettai police inspector to the Madras High accused Hemnath of abetment to suicide. The court was hearing his bail plea.

As reported by TNM Assistant Public Prosecutor in the case, lawyer Prabhavathy said, “The police report says that the death was due to asphyxiation. There were two external injuries, there were no internal injuries. During the investigation with the parents, the mother said that even a day before her death she mentioned that she was under stress. There were ligature marks, but they are not clear and the police have concluded that it could have been due to the silk saree,” she said.

In recent times, an  important audio evidence has come out in the light of VJ Chitra’s murder case. Important audio evidence has proved that Hemanth had been extremely insecure of VJ Chitra’s career and often assassinated her character.

New audio evidence having conversation between Hemanth and his friend sees the former asking his friend to tell the Police that all has always been well between him and Chitra to save him from any further jail days.

However, in a recent audio leaked by Behindwoods, we could hear Hemanth talk about how much he misses her and how he hasn’t eaten in days. “Apparently her mother called her and told unwanted bad tales stories about me which made her believe in all that. In fact, that very day she passed away, she sent me an I LOVE YOU text. She was talking well to me and just went off and took her dear life. I’m as shocked as you,” says Hemanth to his friend via a phone call. But, this has not been authorised, authenticated or verified by the Police.

According to police sources, a conversation between VJ Chitra and her father-in-law was found in her phone. In the audio, Chitra had said that Hemanth repeatedly objected to her playing intimate scenes with her co-artists of TV series Pandian Stores. It was also revealed that heated arguments often arose between the couple. She shared an incident where Hemanth made her promise in public that she would not participate in reality shows that may have her on-screen pair from the series as her co-contestant.

Apparently, all these incidents happened before the couple registered their marriage. Post their marriage, Chitra was reportedly abused by Hemanth and he accused her of having illicit affairs, reports DT Next.

VJ Chitra took her life on December 9th leaving behind a hollow in the hearts of her fans and followers. It came as a shocker when the news of her death swamped all over social media. Several from the industry expressed their shock, grief and condolendes to the family. Meanwhile, the Nazratpet Police have been keeping a close watch on the Pandian Stores actress’ husband Hemanth, who is also a businessman by profession.

Hemanth and Chitra stayed together at a hotel and Chitra after a late night’s shoot had returned to her hotel. Hemanth then claimed that his wife had asked him to wait outside while she goes to take a shower. After a prolonged time, a worried Hemanth had reportedly taken the help of the Hotel’s manager to get access to his room to find Chitra hanging from the ceiling. Hemanth was then taken into custody for further investigation regarding the untimely death. During the first day he revealed that the couple was legally married via registration.

After a couple more days, Chitra’s mother had claimed that something was fishy about Hemanth’s behaviour and accused him of allegedly killing her daughter.

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