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Switch to the organic way of living!

The organic market has recently seen good bloom. The advantages of adopting an organic lifestyle are plenty, starting from the fact that food grown without the use of any chemicals is healthier. Besides, organic living
ensures that the quality of the environment is not compromised. Here are 4 easy replacements to help
you switch to the organic way of living:

Organic vegetables and fruits
Organic vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals which means the land can be prepared
harmlessly for the next crop. Such organically farmed produce is healthier because it is devoid of any
insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers and they do good to both the land and the human consuming it.

Organic Meat
Meat that is reared without the help of any hormones or growth chemicals is organic. A similar
approach like that of vegetable and fruits, consuming meat that isn’t processed is beneficial to your
body. Organically harvested meat and milk have shown up to 50% more of certain nutrients as
compared to conventionally reared ones.

Organic Cleaning
Using natural ingredients to create a cleaning agent for your house is counted as organic cleaning.
Vinegar, Baking soda, salt and lime are the most common ways to ensure a clean and safe home. If
making one at home is cumbersome, there are readymade products in the market that are 100%

Handmade Soap with Flower branch. Spa products.

Organic bath and beauty products
Most of us have already made the switch to organic beauty products because of proven positive results
on the skin. The organic range of personal care products actively nourishes the skin because of its rich
natural properties, while also conserving environmental recuperation.

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