PIC TALK: Sai Pallavi’s Emotional Birthday Wish To Sister Pooja Kannan Goes Viral!

They look so much alike!

Sai Pallavi may have a huge fan following for her stellar performances but what her fans enjoy more are the pictures of the siblings. Pooja Kannan is equally famous on social media and the duo is always sharing their moments on social media. In fact, Sai Pallavi had also talked about the inferiority complex her sister Pooja had developed when she was young. Pooja felt low when she realised that Sai Pallavi is fairer than her. In an interview, Sai Pallavi had mentioned that it was very hard for her sister to come out of it and she is one of the many reasons why the actress declined doing a fairness cream commercial.

As we can see that the sisters are extremely close with one another, here is Sai Pallavi wishing Pooja in the most heartwarming way for her birthday.

“The love,
The sacrifices you’ve made,
The compromises you conceal,
The meaning you add to my life,
The happiness you bring to my system,
The smile that you ensure on days of all kinds,
The very existence of YOU in my world is a blessing.
You are my baby n you’ll be that even when you are a 100 years old.
You have to be me, to know how much I love you!
Today is a reminder, of how lucky I’m to have you in my life.
Happy birthday monkey😘❤️,” wrote the actress on her social media post sharing some adorable pictures from her childhood memories.


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