PIC TALK: Akshara Haasan’s Birthday Bash With Fam!

Shruti shares photos with beau Santanu!

Yesterday, Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter Akshara Haasan celebrated her 30th birthday and we were let into the festivities through her older sister Shruti’s Instagram posts and stories. The photos and posts she shared showed that apart from Shruti and Akshara, Kamal and Shruti’s boyfriend Santanu Hazarika were at the bash. 

Sharing the pics, Shruti wrote, “Happy birthday @aksharaa.haasan … you are you are and you are my darling I’m so excited for all that you have in store for us and I’m so glad I get to be your Akka.”


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The stories she shared had selfies of herself with Santanu. One of them even had Shruti, Akshara and Santanu in a cute selfie.  In one of the videos, we see Akshara cutting the birthday cake and everyone singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for her.

Recently in an interview, Shruti revealed why she hasn’t been public about her relationship with boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. “I go through everything that everyone else goes through. You know, we fight, we make up, we talk, we are friends – just like everyone else. I don’t hide it, but I find that when I speak about it, question number 1 – ‘Shaadi kab hai? When are you getting married? Question number 2 – What does your dad think, or what is this person like’, and you’re just like, ‘wow, this was fun till all of this came in’. That’s why I don’t talk about it, stated Shruti.”

Later, Shruti also shared an Instagram post with herself, Akshara and Kamal and wrote in the caption, “Home = @ikamalhaasan @aksharaa.haasan 🧿 #chennai #haasans #birthdaygurl #memories #família “


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