People Come Into One’s Life To Teach You Lessons: Rakshit Shetty Talks About Working With Ex Rashmika Mandanna Again!

Rakshit Shetty has been asked the question yet again!

Rakshit Shetty is a famous Kannada actor who has a large fanbase for his entertaining films. The actor’s film ‘Kirik Party’ which also starred Rashmika, gave the actress a break and recognition in South cinema. Post which she was unstoppable. She is easily one of the most wanted actresses in Tollywood and Kollywood today apart from Kannada films. The 36-year-old star, however, dated the ‘Geetha Govindham’ actress and they were all set to get engaged in the year 2017. However, due to compatibility issues, the actress called off the engagement. Some also state that Rashmika wanted to concentrate on her career due to which she had to take the decision of parting ways.

While Rashmika had already spoken out about the same, Rakshith never did. During one of his promotional interactions with the media on his upcoming film Avane Srimannarayana, Rakshith finally broke the ice. When he was asked about his much talked about the breakup, the actor said, “Life gives you a lot of experiences, sometimes it is a good experience and sometimes it is bad. But every experience you have to cherish and move forward because they come for a reason…the whole purpose of life is to be a better human being and in that process, there will be a lot of learning…there will be a lot of heartbreaks not only in relationships but also in friendships…You have to move on because ultimately these are very small things in life…life has a bigger purpose.”

When the actor was asked if he would work with his ex again, he said, “People come to one’s life to teach you some lessons in life. I think I had a big lesson to learn and Rashmika came into my life. Probably, she also had to learn a big lesson from me. We learned from each other and moved on. That is life. Imagine we are friends. We worked together for 4-5 months. Definitely, I might have learned something from you. Something really brought us together which is why we became friends. Once the learning process is over, there is no purpose to stay together. Sometimes, we take different paths.”

Earlier, Rashmika had also taken it to social media to talk about her relationship after she was mercilessly trolled by the actor’s fans for her private decisions. She stated, “Sorry I’ve been silent for so long..but I’ve been watching a lot of stories, articles, comments, and trolls about has been disturbing me on how I was being portrayed and everything blew out of proportion and yes I definitely don’t blame you guys for it..because that’s what you’d believe and I am not here to justify anything or anyone..just want to tell you guys that Rakshit, me or anyone in the industry should not go through this. And also need to add that just as how every coin has two sides, so does every story. Please let us who work in our industry, work with a little peace of mind. That’s my two cents, let me conclude by saying I will CONTINUE DOING KANNADA FILMS… I AM HERE TO STAY.. be it any language, any industry, I’ll give my best shot.. thank you.”

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