One Year Of 96: Here’s What Jaanu And Ram Must Be Doing Now!

The most unforgettable love story!

At a young age of 15, Jaanu and Ram fell in love with each other in the most beautiful way. However, things took a left turn when Jaanu’s father got a transfer. Just when you thought that was the end of it, Ram and Jaanu meet after 23 years and all that love just rushes back to them when they see each other. But life’s different for them now. Ram’s a photographer and Jaanu is happily married.

It’s been a year since Ram and Jaanu confessed all that they did to get together after they separated. It’s been a year since they decided to fall in love with each other in a whole other world where their relationship does not have a nametag to it. And here’s what we are guessing they’re doing now.



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Jaanu has now established a career in singing in Singapore, she’s a rising star there. She is not in touch with Ram anymore, she feels that’s better for her. Her bond with her husband has gotten stronger now and she is in fact, expecting a baby soon.

On the other hand, Ram has had his pictures published in the National Geographic and is freelancing for them – he is a global photographer many look up to today. But, one thing he has learned is to move on from the love of his life because the fact that he opened up to her eased his heart for better.



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He is actually dating an American actress now and plans to settle there. However, he makes sure he visits his school every year without fail because the school made him what he is today. And oh, he maintains himself well today and shaves and all!

As for his friend Subashini, she has two beautiful kids and is a vice-president of a company. She still skypes Ram and Jaanu at times but never talks to them about each other.

Life’s good for all of them now, but that epic love story was the best!

Tell us your version of the story, what would Ram and Jaanu be doing now?

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