Not Even Dogs Would Look AT Your Face: Khushbu Sundar Slams Abuser Like A Boss!


Khusbhbu Sundar has always been very vocal about her opinions and has raised her voice for all the societal issues. She has to date managed to stay very neutral when it comes to social media. She has embraced all forms of cultures, traditions, and festivals and has wished her fellow citizens on all occasions despite all the trolls she faces for being objective.

Khushbu is a doting mother and loves sharing achievements of her two very strong, confident and beautiful daughters Avanthika and Anandhita. She always loves sharing pictures on social media too. In a recent, she shared pictures of her younger one Anandhita who was beautifully decked up on Diwali. She said, ” “My baby doll @AnanditaSundar miss my other doll #Avantika.. #Deepavali #Celebration #Familytime #memories.”

But, people on social media do not seem to appreciate positive vibes these days. One of the actress’ followers body-shamed a young woman without any second thoughts. But, Khushbu being a strong mother will not have any of it. She gave it back to him like a boss. She replied, “Panni modhalle un munji kannadi le paare.. nai kuda paakadhu.. vaandhi eduthuttu poidum.. bloody &*#+.”

Her friend and actress Radikaa Sarathkumar came in support of the actress too saying, “Internet Psychos, talking about a child, not acceptable.”

Dr. Senthilkumar, the MLA of Dharmapuri stood up for the actress too:


We applaud a loving mother standing up for her daughters and teaching them to be the very same. Women must learn to never, ever ignore such trolls and stand up to it.


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