Not Anushka Shetty But Kajal Aggarwal To Marry Prabhas?

This is adorable!

Prabhas and Anushka Shetty till date remain one of India’s favourite onscreen Jodi’s ever since they featured together in the Bahubali series. But, this wasn’t their first project together. The onscreen couple has acted together in films like Mirchi and Billa. However, Bahubali was the one that won hearts.

However, Pranushka fans had their hearts broken when Prabhas’ uncle Krishnam Raju confirmed that the actor is all set to tie the knot post the release of Saaho. Earlier this month, his sister also indirectly confirmed the same. “He is very close to us and is completely down to earth. We spend a lot of time together when is not shooting for films. We respect him a lot and he loves us so much. He surprises us with many gifts as per our interests. We are eagerly waiting like everyone for his marriage. As he is busy with films, we are not sure about the wedding date but our family is quite excited and we sisters are sure going to make so much noise throughout his wedding, she stated.

Recently, in a recent interview for Saaho, Prabhas was asked about his marriage plans with Anushka Shetty to which he said, “You would know if there was something, right? We can’t run and hide for 2 years if I and Anushka were dating. Why would we hide it? Rumours are bound to float. A few months ago, things had died down. Now, they’ve begun again. Anushka and I have been friends for 11 years. If there was anything between us, why would we hide it? Until one of us gets married, I guess the rumours are not going to stop.”

But, it looks like it another star and not Anushka Shetty wants to marry Prabhas. It is none other than Kajal Aggarwal. In a recent interview, the actress said, “Yes, I am planning for a wedding soon.”

To which the host asked who she would kill, hook up and marry. The actress said, “Ram Charan – Kill, N. T. Rama Rao Jr. – Hook up and Prabhas – Marry.”

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