Netizens Troll Tamannaah for her latest social media post!

sparks outrage through a controversial

The brutal murder of George Floyd sparked outrage all across America and received support from over 18 countries. Many Indian celebrities too took to their social media accounts to seek justice for George Floyd. However, this was not welcomed by netizens who felt celebrities turn a blind eye to the various injustice and discrimination happening in our own country.
One such actor who is being heavily criticised for a “tone-deaf” post is Tamannaah Bhatia.

The actress took to her twitter account to post an aesthetic picture of herself with a caption that read “Your silence will not protect you. Doesn’t every life matter , human or animal? Muting any form of creation is against the universal law. We must unlearn and learn to be human again , express compassion and practice love. #AllLivesMatter #WakeUpWorld“

The post received heavy backlash as the #AllLivesMatter is used to oppress the #blacklivesmatter movement as pointed out by one user.


Many even accused the actor of her selective activism and questioned her motive behind posting such a controversial post.  Some users even pointed out that the actress endorsed a fairness cream brand a few years back and demanded an explanation as to why she did the same.

It was also pointed out that  the MMIW  stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, a movement that is prevalent  in the United States of America and in Canada. The movement was started to raise awareness about the epidemic of native women going missing or being killed. The red hand symbolises women being silenced.

American athlete Rosalie Fish went viral in the year 2019 when she painted a red hand print on her face to bring awareness to the movement via her various track meets.

Not only Tamannaah but actors like Disha Patani, Priyanka Chopra have all come under fire for using their social media platforms to post about the black lives matter movement while remaining  mum about various issues faced by minorities in India and for endorsing fairness creams in the past.

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