Nayanthara Surrogacy Controversy: Vanitha Vijaykumar indirectly attacks Kasthuri’s Tweets!

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On Sunday, Vignesh Shivan took the Internet by storm when he announced that Nayanthara and him have become parents to twin boys. “Nayan & Me have become Amma & Appa ❤️We are blessed with Twin Baby Boys❤️❤️ All Our prayers,our ancestors’ blessings combined wit all the good manifestations made, have come 2gethr in the form Of 2 blessed babies for us❤️😇 Need all ur blessings for our Uyir😇 & Ulagam😇 Life looks brighter & more beautiful 😍God is double great 🥰❤️☺️😇😍😍😌😌😌😌,” he shared on Instagram.

As soon as he made the announcement, many speculated and reported that the couple should have gone through surrogacy for the birth of their twins. However, the couple did not explicitly announce that they went for surrogacy. It is an assumption as Nayanthara was not seen to be pregnant anytime recently. It is to be noted that it has been only four months since the two got married. The couple tied the knot on June 9th, 2022.

The first person to start this controversy was Actress Kasthuri. She took to Twitter to say, “Surrogacy is banned in India except for medically inevitable reasons. This is the law from Jan 2022. We are going to be hearing a lot about this for next several days.” She then went onto say, “To all those telling me to mind my business, as someone who qualified to be a lawyer, I am certain legal analysis counts . And unlike the issue being discussed, my views are given completely altruistically , non commercially and after more than five years of being eligible.”

She started the controversy through a tweet, and the entire news world have made it their headlines. Now, Bigg Boss fame Vanitha Vijaykumar has opened up about her opinion and she directly attacked Kasthuri.  Her post read “What is more beautiful than the Birth of 2 innocent children born to loving parents who can provide and give them the life all children deserve to have. Spoiling the most beautiful moments of someone’s life must be punishable under the law first” She added, ““Legal theriyum medical theriyumnu sila worthless clowns interview kudukrathum tweet podrathum . Thirunthavemattanga. God is watching and knows to give Who what . You think you morons are going to get away with all this ?wait and watch”

While people have been talking a lot about the couple, they have still not confirmed if they have opted for surrogacy to give birth to their children. In addition, the couple have been in a live-in relationship for more than 5 years, and now live-in relationships are considered as valid as a marriage. Therefore, it is unnecessary and almost too early to say anything about the couple’s decision. It is rather better to just congratulate them, and be well wishers celebrating their happy news!


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