Nayanthara Shares An Apologetic Message On Social Media! Find Out Why!

The actress speaks up on the issue.

Nayanthara’s latest movie Annapoorani has come under the limelight for a controversy in the past few days. The movie was released in theatres on December 1 and was streaming on Netflix from December 29th. Several complaints and FIRs were filed against the actress, the filmmakers, and the streaming service for hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community. The movie features Nayanthara in the lead as the daughter of a Brahmin priest who is a pure vegetarian. Since she wants to become the best chef in the country, the journey involves her having to cook and also consume non-vegetarian food.

Critics have sparked controversy over specific scenes in “Annapoorani.” One scene shows Nayanthara, playing the temple priest’s daughter, offering namaz in a hijab while preparing biryani. Another contentious scene involves a character convincing her to eat meat by claiming it aligns with Lord Ram and Sita’s diet.

In response to the backlash against “Annapoorani: Goddess of Food,” Nayanthara issued a heartfelt apology for unintentionally causing offense to Hindus. She explained that the film’s true message is about overcoming life’s challenges, not religious commentary or social controversy. She shared a message on her Instagram profile where she apologized and also made sure her intentions were known. The movie was made to uplift and not cause distress, she says in her message.


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