Navarasa’s ‘Thunintha Pin’ : An Episode With An Interplay Of Courage And Confidence!


Cast: Atharvaa, Anjali, Kishore

Director: Sarjun KM

Navarasa, an anthology created by Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchapakesan has brought together 9 directors and a huge star cast to convey 9 different stories, 9 different emotions. The eighth episode ‘Thunintha Pin’ explores the rasa Veera means valour/courage. Gunshots and bloody murders run through the plot.

Naxalite leader Kishore in his mission

The story is set inside the forest, police officials tries to take down naxalites. The episode is about a new police official Vettri transporting a badly wounded rebel leader back to police headquarters. The conversation that builds between the two differently opinionated men is powerful but it was cut short. Vettri did reveal a lot of information regarding the rules, mission to his enemy in the meantime, the police officer even fell few times for Kishore’s trick. Vettri overcomes hurdles on the way and reaches the hospital but the Comrade Kishore gives him a slip. Comrade’s words linger in the ears of Vettri and this motivates him to build the courage and bravery within himself.

Muthulakshmi waiting for her husband’s arrival

Though the episode revolves mostly around Vettri and the comrade, Anjali’s part as a pregnant wife played a major role. We wished more of Muthulakshmi in the story as her courage of waiting for her loved one despite police’s words stunned the audience. Her dialogues, attitude and character are potent and stubborn.

The story is open-ended and finishes without offering details on what happened to Vettri. The episode has stunning aerial shots that captures lush green forests. The actors has done justice to their roles, the short didn’t convey the emotion exactly, but it did make an effort to do so.

This is the second episode in the series that is set in war backdrop and much like the first one, it lacks an an emotionally engaging core. The episode hinges too much on telling rather than showing, with the Naxal struggle explained in generic terms. There’s hardly anything that sticks, and you don’t feel for either character. There is a whole lot of action but strictly limited novelty. ‘Courage is more than possessing a weapon’ is the takeaway from this episode of Navarasa. The episode has it’s lows and highs.

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