National Commission For Women Stands In Solidarity With Trisha: Invokes Relevant Laws To Take Action!

The question many are asking is, in a time like this, why doesn’t the movie industry take a collective stand against men like him?

The National Commission for Women shared a tweet in support of actress Trisha in pursuit of justice for the recent remarks made about her by actor Mansoor Ali Khan. Trisha’s tweet brought the attention of many to the interview video circulating online. It was a clip from an interview that Mansoor Ali Khan gave to a news channel where he talks about how he wished to film an obscene scene with Trisha in their recent film LEO. The statements made in the video were derogatory and very concerning.
The NCW stepped forward as an ally to Trisha and ensured that action would be taken against the actor. Trisha took a stand, not just for herself for all the women who are subjected to such words of harassment.

A lot of celebrities and people from the industry stood in support of her and openly condemned Mansoor Ali Khan for his behavior. But an action is still pending. The question many are asking is, in a time like this, why doesn’t the movie industry take a collective stand against men like him? To prove the same point, singer Chinmayi shared some words on her social media account where she asks people why an action hasn’t been taken against the male actor and the industry was quick to ban her when she stood up for herself against a well-known singer. It’s sickening to see how men, in most cases tend to get away with anything and everything they do. Women are punished for even standing up for themselves when they have been the victims of harassment.

The collaboration between Trisha and the NCW strengthened the belief that men such as him would be punished for their actions. A call for action is awaiting. The statements made by the male actor are highly problematic, and such behavior needs to seriously be called out. The National Commission for Women reaffirms its commitment to championing the rights of women across all spheres of life. The organization stands ready to collaborate with individuals, activists, and influencers who use their platforms to advocate for positive change. In supporting Trisha, the NCW not only stands up for her cause but also amplifies the voices of countless women facing similar challenges.

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