Nakkhul and Sruti name their Baby Boy! Find out the name!

So adorable.

Actor Nakkhul and Sruti first had a girl child during the pandemic. The toddler, Akira is now almost 2 years old. Recently Sruti gave birth to their second child, a son, on June 18th. While Sruti has been giving us updates and photos of her son, she had not shared his name. Fans have been asking both Nakkhul and Sruti for the same.

Recently she took to her Instagram page and shared a video of Akira and her son, announcing the name they decided for him. She announced the name as Amore Sruti Betarbet, in a video that also featured her dog Oola, warming up to the child. She wrote in the captions, “We are super thrilled and happy to announce the name of our little boy & Akira’s younger brother 💕 Amore Sruti Betarbet 💛 Huge shout out to my friend Prathap for designing this beautiful poster 💜”


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Meanwhile, Sruti had opted for waterbirth for Akira itself. Similarly, she had shared that she went in for waterbirth for Amore as well. Nakkhul married his long-time girlfriend Sruti Bhaskar in February 2016. The celebrity couple is very famous and has a great fan following on social media for singing together and making videos on their Instagram handles.

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