Nagarjuna Talks About The First Time He Met Samantha And His Response Is ‘Aww’dorable!

Father-daughter love!

It has been over a year since Sam and Chay got married. The couple is even doing a film together now. Reminiscing their love story, here is an older interview of Sam’s father-in-law that makes us smile even today. Nagarjuna talks about what Samantha means to him and this family bonding is truly overwhelming. In an interview with IANS, Nagarjuna was asked about the new additional member to the family and his answer is just melting our hearts.

There has been quite a change in your home?

You mean my son’s (Naga Chaitanya) marriage to Sam (actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu)? But that doesn’t change anything. I’ve known Sam for so long. She has been a part of our family for a long time, even before her marriage to Chay. We’ve been fond of her from the beginning. The only difference is, she called me Nag sir earlier. Now she calls me Baba.

You even did a film with her recently?

Yes, Raju Gari Gadhi 2. It was a supernatural thriller. She played a ghost. I played a kind of exorcist (laughs). Such equations can only be conceived in our films. We would constantly be discussing the wedding details while shooting. I am so glad to have Sam as part of our family. But what is more important is that they (son and daughter-in-law) are happy. I want nothing more than to see my children happy.


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