My Story: He Cheated On Me And He Did The Worst Thing Instead Of Apologizing!

I was shocked!

In yet another interesting story by AkkarBakkar, your judgement towards relationships will now have a different perspective. It is imperative for men to respect their partner in a relationship. When they don’t, it just won’t be worthy any more.

I was in the 7th grade and being in an all-girls school, I had very few guy friends. Some were on the bus that took us to school and some were from the society I stayed in.

Our school was one of the best schools in town. The premises of the school was divided into two. The boys’ school and girls’ school. And interaction during school hours was prohibited.

There was a boy who stayed in my society and came on my bus. He was the only boy with whom I had conversations that were more than just hi-bye. By the end of the first unit of the 7th grade, we became good friends and then he proposed. I said yes.

I really liked him and was curious and excited about how my first relationship would go. We dated for 3 years. Then it was January and we were in 10th grade by then. It was a few weeks before my birthday when he told me that he wanted to kiss me since we were in a relationship for the last 3 years. I ended up refusing and it turned in to a huge argument.

We were still together but things had changed. Then my birthday arrived and I was celebrating with all my friends. He was there too. But I couldn’t keep a track of him as he kept disappearing. Soon, my friend asked me to go and take a look near the ladies restroom, and there I saw him kissing, in fact, making out with my best friend.

I felt broken and didn’t want to confront him at that moment, so I came back and my friends dragged me on to the dance floor. His best friend had become a really close friend of mine too so I started dancing with him.

A few moments later I saw him and my best friend walk into the room and when he saw me dancing with his best friend he held me by the hand and asked me to be with him and not dance so close to his best friend. I could see he felt jealous and with all the frustration inside me, I broke down. I started shouting at him saying that I never asked him why his tongue was down my best friend’s throat, I was just dancing. He started raising his voice.

I slapped him and he broke a bottle on my hand which lead to a huge ruckus. My hand was bleeding and I could see my friends beating him up.

That day was 4 years ago. I still have those stitch marks on my hand. I have tried my best to move on but my past has been so painful that the thought of dating someone scares the soul out of my body.

No reason in the world is justifiable for someone to cheat on someone or break anyone’s heart. If you are not happy in a relationship, end it, but don’t cheat. Trust me, cheating is going to hurt a hell lot more than breaking up.

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