My Role Requires Substance: Actress Khushbu Gets Candid About Re-Entering Films And Choosing Roles!

Actress Khushbu is all set to enter the silver screen yet again and how!

Radhika Ramesh

She won hearts with her film Varsham 16, she mesmerised us by donning the role of a strong woman in Chinna Thambi and was a winner among the audience in films like Annamalai and Singara Velan. Khushbu has donned many roles that will be unforgettable and was loved a lot by her fans. However, the actress took a break from the silver screen for a couple of years as she was preoccupied with her family, her production house and television. But, she has tweeted now about getting into films again and that has created a lot of excitement among movie buffs who are eager to watch her onscreen doing some more memorable roles.

Here is the tweet that she put out and some of the responses of her fans.


But, what will she look for in roles today considering the fact that her choice of roles have mostly been impeccable?

“Its not about screenspace to me. It’s all about the meat I can sink my teeth into. Like Karthik’s short yet strong role in Mouna Ragam or Tabu’s role in Andha Dhun and De De Pyar De. Even if its 20 minutes, it needs to be a role of substance. Yes, I want to do a brilliant commercial film but with a strong, sensible role,” says the actress in an exclusive with JFW.



Actress Khushbu has done some incredibly interesting roles. But, when it comes to choosing scripts again for herself, she says that films must suit her age. “At the age of 49, the roles that come to many of us is usually a sentimental sister, or the perfect, typical Anni or a mother. But, there’s so much more to an actress than just this. Yes, it can be a role of a mother but it has to be something strong. For example, the role of Ramya Krishnan in Bahubali, that’s the kind of role worth doing. Substance in any role is imperative to me.”

The industry is fortunately opening its gates to strong, substantial women characters in different genres. Commenting about the kinds of roles and the changes that could be brought in the portrayal of women actors, Khushbu says, “Why not something very modern? Why is it that at all the time women roles are scripted to be preachy and perfect? A woman character with modern thoughts who could have a tremendous impact is the best of its kind.”

Khushbu has always had a huge fan-following throughout. On asking what she would be delivering to this generation of young men and women, she says,”It depends on what comes to me. I’ve been busy with my personal life; with my elder daughter now getting into higher education abroad, I have some time for myself and have been looking at scripts. Scripts have been coming to me all these years, but now its time to choose the right ones.”

We cannot wait to watch her onscreen with many interesting roles!

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