Movies Releasing in Theaters this Weekend!

Which one are you watching this weekend?

This Valentine’s weekend, don’t miss out on the exciting range of movies releasing for everyone. Whether you’re a couple or flying solo, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make your weekend unforgettable with these amazing movies releasing on February 9th!


1. Lal Salaam


Lal Salam is a highly anticipated film that revolves around the story of aspiring cricketers who are caught up in a religious divide between Hindus and Muslims. The movie features a star-studded cast that includes Vishnu Vishal, Vikrant, and Senthil, as well as a special cameo appearance by Superstar Rajinikanth. With its compelling plot and talented cast, Lal Salam is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the weekend.


2. Lover

What does a couple in a bumpy six-year relationship face? Do they resolve whatever makes their relationship bumpy or do they part ways? Lover, starring the Good Night fame Manikandan, and Sri Gouri Priya brings out the love, hate, yearning, and dilemma of a couple in a six-year relationship. 


3. Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya is an upcoming Indian film that takes the audience on a thrilling sci-fi adventure. The movie stars the talented Shahid Kapoor and the charming Kriti Sanon in leading roles. The film is a romantic comedy that revolves around the relationship between a human and a robot. The trailer of the film teases a captivating storyline that combines humor, love, and futuristic technology uniquely. The audience can expect to be entertained with a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and sci-fi elements.


4. Jerry (2024)

Jerry, starring Pramod Velliyanad, Kumar Sethu, and Kottayam Nazeer is a  comedy-drama that revolves around the chaos that ensues when a rat disrupts the peace in the house of one of the two neighbors who have a strained relationship. Amidst this chaos, the movie explores whether the two neighbors will put aside their differences, come together, and help each other out, or succumb to the despair and bitterness of their feud.


5. Anweshippin Kandethum

Anweshippin Kandethum is an intriguing crime thriller that features Tovino Thomas, Siddique, and Indrans in leading roles. The plot revolves around two gruesome murders that have taken place in the city and a determined cop who wants to find the killer while facing oppression from the higher officials to not take up the case. Will he go against all odds and find the killer? The movie promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with its gripping storyline and outstanding performances by the cast.

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