Most excited mommy-to-be, Suja Varunee talks to us about her pregnancy and more

What to expect when you are expecting?

Actress Suja Varunee, who was one of the participants in the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil on its first season, got married last year. Her husband, Shiva Kumar who happens to be an actor and the grandson of Sivaji Ganesan, took to social media back in November to announce to the world about their wedding.

The two have been dating for 11 years now. Suja began her career in films with ‘Plus Two’ way back in 2002. The actress has been part of various films ranging from Tamil to Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies. Shiva Kumar, on the other hand, has starred in films such as ‘Singa  kutty’, ‘Pudhumugangal Thevai’ and ‘Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum’.

However, early this year the couple announced their pregnancy too. As they eagerly await for the arrival of their baby Simba, Suja and Shivakumar talk to JFW’s senior feature writer Radhika Ramesh on what to expect when you are expecting.

The decision

You know it is the right time to have a baby when the mother is ready. “I wanted a baby immediately after my wedding. Hence, I told Shiva that it is imperative that he cooperates especially when I’m ready and I have set my mind on it,” says Suja. However, Shiva always had thoughts about her. “Her career kickstarted on another level post Bigg Boss and I wanted her to make an informed decision,” says Shiva. Suja knew it was the right time to have a have a baby no matter what.

Breaking the rules of pregnancy

Suja says that she never felt pregnant and that she has been enjoying eight months of her pregnancy. “I would constantly ask my doctor if I was pregnant because I never felt like it. I had no nausea, no vertigo, none. I was happy, healthy with no symptoms,” says Suja.

Reminiscing moments

“I fell extremely sick late that night and Shiva was with me the entire night. In fact, he had a shoot that and after a long persuasive argument I made him go because I knew that this shoot would be a crucial step in his career,” says Suja. On the other hand, Shiva says that it is crucial to understand the emotional and physical adjustments women go through during pregnancy. He says, “The least we (men) can do is be their support physically and mentally.”

Odd hour cravings

Mommies-to-be always have the weirdest cravings there could ever be and that too at very odd hours. “She would ask for a dark chocolate dessert at late in the night from a faraway confectionery store or would have cravings for hot Kozhakkatai from a famous restaurant, It is bizarre but I feel it’s adorable,” says Shiva. Adding to this, Suja says, “I hate anything sweet. But, now its all about sweets. I like nothing else and Shiva being the best husband that he is would always stock up everything I would ever crave for.”

Fitness Mantra

“Honestly speaking, I have no such thing as a fitness regime. I eat what my baby asks me to. Nevertheless, I do a lot of household work. I mop the floors, clean the washrooms and dust corners. I believe that daily chores are the best form of exercises,” says Suja.

First timers

Finally, when asked how they feel becoming first time parents, Suja said, “Never go by advises. You will receive them a lot. Bring your child up in your own way, that’s the best gift you could give them.” Adding to this Shiva says, “I believe that when provide our children with the best childhood memories, when they face obstacles in the near future, this positivity from childhood will push them further and help them cross it.”

Well, there is nothing better than being great parents. Team JFW wishes them all the luck in the world!




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