Mommy-to-be Amy Jackson Gets Shamed By Media For Getting Pregnant Before Her Wedding!

How disgusting!

You get pregnant before wedding, you’re judged. You do not pget pregnant after wedding, you’re judged. Basically this society gets so backward by the day that one would literally get judged for breathing down the lane and the media would headline it “OMG! Look at how she breathed!” Like seriously, stop deciding what women want! They know what they want and even if they don’t nobody needs to hear it from you. In a senseless article, a Tamil news portal headlined, “Amy Jackson gets pregnant before wedding.”


To roughly translate this piece of nothing, it reads, “Actress Amy Jackson was last seen in the film 2.0 and also did a little bit of Hollywood. On New Year’s eve she announced her engagement with her husband George and it was also reported she would be marrying this year. Post this, they got into “hard core dating” (we’re not really sure what they mean here). And after that she took it to social media to announce her pregnancy with her picture and shocked her fans. Amy’s message along with the picture has left her fans shocked and confused. Her message says reflects that she got pregnant before her wedding.”

Okay, firstly, what’s your problem? Secondly, they seem to be perfectly happy, what’s bothering you or her fans? Lastly, do not make your life so sad that you’ve got to judge everything a woman, irrespective of her field, chooses to do!

Amy, you’re gorgeous and you will be a wonderful mommy. Congratulations!

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