Mission: Chapter 1 Movie Review: Predictable Story Of An Indian In London Jail!

Hopefully, mission 2 is not on cards!

Director: A.L.Vijay

Cast: Aun Vijay, Nimisha Sajayan, Amy Jackson

Mission: Chapter 1 is a complete action thriller with predictable plots and actions of the hero. It doesn’t start off with the hero, Guna ( Arun Vijay) fighting off multiple people in one go rather to have an emotional understanding of the hero, it starts with his daughter, Sana (Iyal)  suffering from a rarest of rare disease that only gets treated in London. He goes to London with his daughter for her surgery. It also shows that he adapted the Hawala method to acquire money for his daughter’s surgery. There he  meets Nancy Kurian ( Nimisha Sajayan) , a malayali nurse. Guna goes to the UK for his daughter’s treatment but ends up in  Wandsworth prison, one of the most secured prisons, where Sandra James (Amy Jackson) is the jailer.How will he get out and unite with his daughter forms the rest of the story.

Recently, we’ve seen two superhit movies with similar plots revolving around Jailer.  Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan and Rajinikanth’s Jailer where both of the lead actors were Jailers but here the hero is the convict, it seemed as an interesting way to tell the story but after that everything was quite predictable.

Arun Vijay as Guna was tough and full of action, Nimisha Sajayan was criminally underused in this film, she was there to take care of the child and be his Malayali neighbor. Amy Jackson’s Sandra was tough at first but was made as damsel in distress quick as she is unable to take a grip of the premise she is in-charge of for many years now, and it is disappointing to see a man take charge, especially when he is new to the land and law that governs it. There are few sub plots involving terrorist organizations, moles in the police force and cunning a janitor. Mission seemed like a movie that tried to ride on its action sequence rather than connecting with its audience.

GV Prakash’s music was gripping and elevated the scene similarly Sandeep Vijay’s cinematography kept up with the pace of the movie. But Vijay’s screenplay could have been better. AL Vijay known for his movie with emotional connect and grounded roots, this movie mainly lacks that. Clearly, AL Vijay is out of his comfort zone but its predictable for its own good.

Rating: 2/ 5 

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